Lucy Jackson in Association with Dutch Kills presents


Written by Helen Banner. Directed by Jess Chayes.

January 12th - February 3rd in the Next Door Series at New York Theatre Workshop


★★★★★ Intelligence doesn’t just pass the Bechdel-Wallace test, it raises the bar for what a feminist production can be... Intelligence delivers a flawless performance.
— Opplaud

Sarah McIntyre, a presidential appointee parachuted into the Foreign Service, has been assigned two wary young diplomats to develop her pet project: New Training Scenarios for the Resolution of Intractable Global Situations. The three begin to role-play, led by a charismatic woman experienced in persuading men to lay down arms. 

Suddenly, a rebel group lashes out in a distant country, destroying the tenuous peace recently negotiated by McIntyre. The women’s role-playing becomes increasingly charged, pushing them deeper into the bodies and minds of violent insurgents. Meanwhile, as Washington undergoes its own regime change, their work becomes active weaponry for Sarah’s political enemies. 

Intelligence is a semi-immersive play developed by playwright Helen Bannerand director Jess Chayes that pulls the audience into a Washington, D.C. basement conference room, for an intense experience of how we code and decode others and ourselves through our imaginations. Intelligence received developmental support as part of the 2017 Artist Residency Program of The Drama League of New York, and the New Georges JAM.

Lee Culvert: Kaliswa Brewster* Paige Smith: Amelia Pedlow* Sarah McIntyre: Rachel Pickup*

Director: Jess Chayes Playwright: Helen Banner
Scenic Designer: Carolyn Mraz Lighting and Projection Designer: Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew Sound Designer: Sinan Refik Zafar Costume Designer: Sophia Choi Props Designer: Jess Cummings Production Stage Manager: Allison Raynes Assistant Stage Manager: Nicole Richards Production Manager: Emma Johnson
Producer: Lucy Jackson Associate Producer: Alley Scott Public Relations: Ron Lasko Photographer: Kent Meister Social Media: David Jenkins

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

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