This is a company to keep your eyes on.
— Times Square Chronicles
I will call them prophets... I found myself leaning in, allowing them to impact me with every word.
— Theatre Is Easy

The Providence of Neighboring Bodies by Jean Ann Douglass

Theater magic.
— Theater Pizzazz
Delightfully beautiful ... delectable writing ... a quirky dramedy that strikes the right chord. ... The Providence of Neighboring Bodies is a rare beauty.
— Theater in the Now
An astounding piece of theatre! Powerful text, strong direction, brilliant design, and phenomenal performances. .... Smart and heartbreaking and agonizing. ... a brilliant satirical metaphor that will ensure its longevity as a defining text.
Jean Ann Douglass’s The Providence of Neighboring Bodies will remind you of our
absurdist-in-chief Edward Albee. ... A surprising and wicked little concoction. ... Douglass has a fine poetic ear and the actors are full of comic invention.
— Helen Shaw, Timeout NY
Jean Ann Douglass’ bizarre effervescent little play unfurls slowly like a magical flower.
— Theatre Is Easy
Featuring a powerhouse cast... truly thought-provoking plot that gets more intricate the more I think about it.
— Broadway World
The Providence of Neighboring Bodies packs quite a big punch, and leaves you pondering some bigger questions on the way out the door.
— New York Theatre Review

Latter Days by Ben Beckley